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From Lake Waccabuc to Omotesando – The Unholy Bible of a New York born Tokyo-based Labor Consultant

Hello. I am Thomas Nevins, author of soon to be 6 books.

I have a new book coming out that I collaborated on with my Blind Dog so it breaks all the rules! It covers more than just their lives and their locales; this is a narrative chock-full of cocktail party historical and pop culture facts. It’s about the lives and events of the friends, people, places and events that touched Tom’s life.

I founded TMT which was established in Tokyo in 1978 and pioneered labor consulting for multinational firms in Japan. This work brought us in close contact with our clients and their opportunities and problems. As a result, we became familiar with their organizations and needs. This led to the setting up of an executive search operation as we consider that a closely coordinated approach to both labor consulting and executive and staff recruitment is essential in the Japanese business world. We at TMT believe that many companies could make much more productive use of their manpower resources with more sensible, effective, and strategically advantageous compensation systems and personnel policies.

 A Four Page Summary and Overview of Stay Put is available now!

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Want to know more? Browse around my new website and see for your self. My new book is available 28th June 2016. You can read a 46 page extract from today!

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