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Articles by Thomas Nevins and TMT in English, German and French

English Language Articles

Four Page Overview of Stay Put Eurobiz, September 2016
Mergers & Acquisitions: Your Biggest Leverage and Trouble Comes from Bad People, Personnel Costs and Policies, and Ill-Managed Unions BCCJ Acumen, May 2012
A Young Nation BCCJ Acumen, April 2012
The Most Common Employee and Work Rules Questions Answered – Part 7 Success Stories, April 2012
The Most Common Employee and Work Rules Questions Answered – Part 1 Success Stories, September 2011
Why I’m Staying in Japan BCCJ Acumen, December 2011
Don’t Miss the Japan Surprise Eurobiz, September 2011
Make or Break Personnel Decisions, Eurobiz, September 2010
People Power – 12 Ways to Keep You and Your Firm on Top in Japan, Success Stories, June 2010
People Power – the Key to Corporate Success, Eurobiz, May 2010
A Word (or Two) to the Wise, Eurobiz, January 2010
How We Can Eliminate Our Search Competition search-consult, 2009
Summarizing Search Fees and Situations in Different MarketsContributed to Grapevine, Fall 2008
Increasing Labor Pains (Part III): Increasing Difficulties in Firing and Increasing Wage Differentials, BLCCJ Newsletter, Winter 2007, Vol. 8
Increasing Labor Pains (Part II): Increasing Overtime Rates,BLCCJ Newsletter, Autumn 2007, Vol. 7
More Difficult to Fire, and a Rising Mandatory Retirement Age – Part Two, Success Stories, August 2007
Overtime Rates Go Up With the White Collar Exemption Dumped – Part One, Success Stories, June 2007
Increasing Labor Pains (Part 1): Increasing Wage Differentials, and Increasing Retirement Ages BLCCJ Newsletter, Spring 2007
The Danger of Standing Alone without ‘Business Support’ BLCCJ Newsletter, Spring 2006
The Scariest Thing is Not Knowing What We Don’t Know, but We’re Not Scared at All, because We Don’t Know It ACCJ Journal, (American Chamber of Commerce in Japan), December 2005
A Smorgasbord of Things to Know If You’re f Running a Firm in Japan (Parts 1-3) Success Stories, April-May-June, 2005
Two Potentially Troublesome Issues at your Company BLCCJ Newsletter (Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan), Winter 2004
Trip to National Tax Agency to Cut-back a Retirement Benefit (Tokyo Weekender)   HTML version
Should Japan be rated below Botswana? (Japan Times)
PDF version   HTML version
How the Game is Played(Cornell Enterprise)
A Japan Acquisition That (Luckily) Never Closed (Success Stories Japan)
How We Hire Well (Success Stories Japan)
Labor on a Leash? (Management Magazine)
People Management Is What It’s All About (Stanford University)
Taking Charge in Japan (Canadian Chamber)
A View from Tokyo (ILR Report, Cornell University)

in German:

Gleitende Arbeitszeiten als Option? Pensionen fur Vorstandsmitglieder JapanMarkt, March 2006
Vorsicht bei Abfindungen JapanMarkt, February 2006
Kundigung von Personal in Japan nun schwieriger denn jeJapanMarkt, September 2005
Ruckgang der Aktienkurse veranlasst Firmen zu Anderungen in der betrieblichen Altersversorgung JapanMarkt, May 2005
Behorden greifen durch bei Uberstunden JapanMarkt (The German Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Japan), April 2005

in French:

fattendez pas que la coupe soit pleine, France Japon Eco#114, Spring 2008
Gerer son personnel: des ploblemes si humains, France Japon Eco #113, Winter 2007
Remuneration: attention aux pieges, France Japon Eco #112, Autumn 2007
Eviter les errerurs couteuses France Japon Eco #111, Summer 2007
Techniques De L’Entretien France Japon Eco 110, Spring 2007
Trouver La Bonne Personne Pour Le Bon Emploi France Japon Eco 109, Winter 2006
Reussir son Recrutement, Reussir Son Implantation Au JaponFrance Japon Eco 108, Autumn 2006
Reussir son Recrutement France Japon Eco 107 (The French Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Japan), Summer 2006

Media Articles about Tom Nevins and TMT in English, Japanese, Polish, Finnish, and Danish

English Language Articles

Big in Japan:
by Geoff Botting, Corporate Risk Canada, August 2014
Interview by CNN-Japan/JCTV, in conjunction with the Japan Times: Program Guide, (Nov 2007-Mar 2008)
The Decade Ahead (Utilize Women and Seniors to Overcome Aging Society and Employment Issues)
by Martin Foster, ACCJ Journal, May 2007
Trade Relations
by Nick Jones, iNTOUCH, January 2006
The Beating Heart behind TMT Inc.
by Linda Ozawa, Weekender, September 1-14, 2006
Established Personnel Recruitment Company Seeks Ambitious Consultants
by Nina Uchida, Metropolis, July 29, 2005
Hiring, Firing by the Book in the Nicest Possible Way
by Angela Jeffs, The Japan Times, October 23, 2004
Doing Away with Labor Pains
by Chris Betros, “japantoday” Online, September 15, 2004
Trimming Flab – the Painless Way
Tokyo Journal, March 1999
Excitement of Traveling by Senji Goda
First Headhuntress Stalks Tokyo by Leslie Brody
How to Handle Japanese Employees by Dr. Tadashi Hanami
Managing Foreign Managers by David S. Baffa
Painless Approach to Downsizing by Jean Pearce
Success Stories by Corky Alexander
Track Record, Flexibility Keys by Barbara Thoren
Weighing Japanese, Foreign Firms by Janelle Biddinger

Japanese Language Articles

「Aera magazine, October 2006」
– Aera magazine, October 2006
– Managing the Japanese Worker by Mark Schreiber
– “King of Business” series from Venture Links
(ビジネスの王様シリーズ – Venture Links誌掲載)
– On Recruiting Career Development from TYPE<br< p=””>

Other Languages

Spoznienia w Japonii
by Jacub Gilewicz, Dziennik Baltycki (Polish/Baltic Daily Newspaper), February 12, 2007
Tokion ainoa meikalainen paakallonmetsastaja
by Hannu Karkkainen, Insinooriuutiset (Finnish), October 1, 1986
Japans fagforeninger: en tiger af kod og blod
by Af Kent Dahl, Borsen (Danish), September 7, 1984