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Personal Background

Thomas J. Nevins earned a B.S. in 1972 at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University. Fluent in Japanese, he began his career in Japan in 1972 as a researcher with Cornell and the Japan Institute of Labor (the research organ of the Ministry of Labor). Before establishing Technics in Management Transfer Inc. (TMT) in 1978, he worked as a contract consultant in a number of Japanese labor unions and companies.

Mr. Nevins was elected in 1980 as a member of the Board of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ), and is a member of a number foreign chambers of commerce. Before coming to Japan, Nevins worked as a “White House Intern” in Asian Affairs at the Department of State, and did an internship at the Bureau of International Labor Affairs of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Nevins writes frequently on personnel management in Japan by contributing to books, magazines, and newspapers in Japan and abroad. He has written articles for and has been featured in most major Japanese magazines and newspapers.

Outside Japan, he has been interviewed and quoted in such publications as The New York Times, The Observer, Institutional Investor, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune, Fortune, and been featured on Japanese and American television.

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Below is a large collection of images that help provide context for my book Stay Put? Make a Move? The album is located from USA to Japan.

Video Messages

Brief Remarks in English

Human resource consulting areas in which TMT works since 1978, and how we have helped clients. Process and full communication to all employees gets the changes smoothly implemented.
How Tom discovered and got started in Japan at 20, and then returned for keeps at 22.
A few words on the long history (since 1982), nature, and approaches of TMT’s Recruiting business unit.
To motivate, give skills, and implement change management on a positive note, Tom Nevins has developed seminars which can be formally part of, or informally flavor a consulting intervention.

Brief Remarks in Japanese

Movie 1

Personal Story and Discovery of Japan


How Mr. Nevins started in Japan, and reached his dream of being an effective labor/ personnel consultant, who can bridge the gap, and offer welcome support and needed help to Japanese management.


Movie 2

Labor & Personnel Policy Consulting


Once the expat country manager, or home office has buy-in, reacting and working in Japanese shoulder to shoulder with your Japanese managers and staff is critical to achieving results with Mr. Nevins’ Consulting practice.


Movie 3

Executive Search & Recruiting


Tom talks about the nature and history of TMT’s Recruiting practice. TMT’s Consulting products and systems help, but selection is 95% of success in any business.


Movie 4

Training Seminars and Employee Communications in Japanese


From age 37, Tom Nevins realized he had to do more to directly help a client explain and smoothly implement change in front of the staff. Tom talks about why the seminars he developed in Japanese contribute to all staffs’ morale and motivation, and help deliver the necessary results.

トム・ネビンスは37才の時、顧客が労働条件等の変更を実施するときは、もっと直接的な手助けをして、ネビンス自身が社員の前に立って十分説明する必要があることが分かった。 自らが開発した日本語によるセミナーが、なぜ全社員のモラルやモチベーションを向上させるのに役立ち、必要な成果を生み出すのかを語る。